Peter Jones.

Strategic thinking.

"Peter, working closely with Andy Milligan of Caffeine, achieved what I thought was impossible. To galvanise Christie's top managers around a single brand positioning and make them advocates of its success within the company".

Richard Bagnall-Smith, Global Marketing Director, Christie's

"Peter supported me at Sport England for 15 months with strategic communications advice. He is very skilled at stepping back and pondering the impact of policy decisions. He has an unerring sense of what will play well, and what will not, with the public and with the media. He hates cliché's and management speak. So do I. His drafting is always witty and colourful, and sometimes radical. And he's funny..."

Jane Clarke, Head of Communications, Kent County Council, formerly Head of Communications, Sport England

"Peter has unrivalled skill in clear strategic thinking that translates ideas into brand-building stories which work across media".

Alan Qualtrough, editor-in-chief, South West Media Group

"We wanted our brands to have structure, strategic clarity and a stronger customer focus. Working with Peter has helped us achieve this.."

Jane Sheppard, Marketing Manager, Community Services Department, South Gloucestershire Council