Peter Jones.

Strategic thinking.

Senior people in companies know they have to work hard at their brand/brands. With an intelligent strategy at the core that factors in the customer every bit as much as "the way we’ve always done things around here".

But where to start? And where to find the time? I help bring that strategy into being. And then bring it to life.

Normally, I start with research. ‘Leadership’ interviews, involving people throughout the organisation. And audits, of customer communications, perceptions, and experience.

Then it’s time to do sit back and do the thinking. Thinking that sets out to marry corporate ambition with customer needs and desires. This is all collaborative – and tested throughout the process.

The endpoint is a clear vision/organising principle. Together with a brand strategy that feeds directly from that. And then that’s it – my job’s more or less done.

I enjoy doing internal workshops, designed to bring the new agenda to life, and to win support and engagement.

Other elements of execution – crafting the communications, the web-build, the service initiatives – are for others.

But I'm more than happy to build bespoke teams for individual projects, and ensure that the brand speaks with one voice, across all its channels of communication.

And I enjoy coaching and mentoring employees who are setting out to learn all about strategic brand communications.